Let’s check out some of the international foods for health

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April 21, 2018
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April 21, 2018

People do not think of ethnic array of foods as healthy ones but definitely they are a choice of healthy diet option. But do not go for fatty big oversized versions. Foods for health in international trips are very much possible if we are planned and have knowledge about the countries and their cuisines.

The best healthy food recipes from around the world

  • Greek

Traditional Greek foods contains lots of fresh fruits, olives, nuts, fish, red wine, vegetables and whole grains. They use heart healthy oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as olive oil for cooking. But be cautious not to over use olive oil because it will add on unexpected calories. Avoid deep fried foods made with vegetables and cheese.

  • Japanese

Japanese cuisine has got many varieties of low calorie foods rich in healthy fats and protein. Some of the healthy choices are seafood’s and soups. They also have come up with brown rice in their cuisine which is loaded with fiber. Avoid dishes like teriyaki chicken which is too oily and fried dishes like spring rolls and tempura.

  • Indian

The special flavors of Indian cooking with turmeric, ginger, red chilies etc. along with garam masala which is a combination powder of spices have great health benefits. They are said to protect us from deadly diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Avoid foods made with too much coconut milk, butter and ghee and also deep fried snacks like samosas.


  • Spanish

Go for Spanish tapas which is a set of appetizers served in small plates. This is the only food from them where there is a control in size. They also have lots of varieties of full meal plans made of beef, fish, beans and tomatoes. Avoid fried foods like Spanish style sausages, squid etc.


  • Thai

Thai dishes are made of all good ingredients like fruits, coconut, noodles, lean meats, lemon, noodles, rice etc. Turmeric and ginger are the spices used in their cooking. Turmeric fights inflammation and cancer whereas ginger is best at accelerating digestion. Avoid sauces and foods cooked in heavy coconut milk and oil.


  • Mexican

Mexican food choices are good for healthy diet. But do not go in for fried and cheesy items. Grilled chicken, beef strips are best to enjoy. There are also many veggie dishes available and yummy salsa is a must to have. Avoid too much chips.


Spend a wonderful vacation with food for health internationaly.