Magic diet to lose your belly fat

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April 21, 2018
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April 21, 2018

A healthy outside definitely starts from healthy inside. Everyone wants to be lean and fit. The most annoying thing is the fat around our belly. We all know it is easy to lose weight but losing fat especially belly fat is not that easy, but it is possible with changes in lifestyle and diet. Having meals with lesser calories and the right mixture of fat burning foods is the quickest way to begin with weight loss.


Lose your belly diet plans are so popular among fitness freaks and most of the tips are easy to follow:


  • Eat plentiful amount of fiber rich foods like vegetables and fruits.
  • Go for natural foods and avoid processed foods.
  • Include lean protein, whole grains and fats which are healthy.


Dramatic weight loss is possible with three kinds of exercises along with diet:


  • High intensity workout plan for first 2 weeks
  • Less intensity workout plan for next 2 weeks
  • Maintain plan after weight reduction if still fat is not lost then continue first and second plans alternately.


Drink water as much as possible because it detoxifies and cleanses your body along with controlling hunger.


A magic food pattern to lose your belly diet to try and achieve your goal is listed below:


  1. Eat mindfully

Enjoy the flavors of food you eat but reduce the quantity. Think whether the food you choose will save you of put you in trouble. Eat slowly, chew well, taste and enjoy every bite but mind the portion size.


  1. Protein works for you

Eat high protein meals and snacks (lean meat and fatty fish) this helps in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels which in turn burns out belly fat.


  1. Choose foods that are filling and fat burning

Whole grain breads and chapatti’s, fresh vegetables are best foods to feel full and burn fat tremendously.


  1. Say no to sugar

Do not depend on sugary drinks for energy. Go off all kinds of artificial sweeteners and have only natural sugars like milk, fruits etc.


  1. Do not fear fat

Having healthy amount of fat will never make you fat. So choose wisely. Cheese, Red meat, butter are all good to enjoy once in a while and do not get cheated by labels saying low fat, no fat , fat free etc. stay away from processed store foods as far as possible.

The tips given above will help you lose your belly fat.